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Help Improve the DNC’s ‘We Are Democrats’ Ad

When you go to dnc.org welcome page, you have to scroll down to the bottom to find the 2+ minute video clip the DNC uses to introduce the Democratic Party to the public. Here it is:

It may be too late to improve the video ad a month out from election day. But perhaps the DNC’s video-makers could benefit from some feedback from Democratic rank and file and activists. What’s your take?

Some questions to consider: How important are political ads? Does the Democratic Party need an ad that introduces what the party is all about, or should it just present ads from individual candidates?

Does this ad help Dems present an appealing ‘brand’? Does it speak to all American persuadable voters, or preach to the choir?

Does it reach out to neglected constituencies?  Does it say enough about the pivotal issues? What would be the optimum mix of positive, self-branding videos vs. negative ads attacking opponents?

Should the ad be longer than 2 minutes, or should there also be some longer videos? Is it adequately focused on the midterm elections? Should there be just one intro video on the welcome page, or some more robust, targeted ads on different topics and addressing different constituencies?

7 comments on “Help Improve the DNC’s ‘We Are Democrats’ Ad

  1. Candace on

    I think having one video for the party was good and probably long enough. It felt a bit safe and incomplete though, with some preaching to the choir in there.
    I’d like to see informative specific topic videos added to this. It wouldn’t hurt to go outside of the usual way of communicating these things. There are more options for political messaging than just playing it safe or being crude.

    a couple suggestions: with reproductive health, rather than only mention abortion, that topic should include programs Democrats support for women who choose to have a child but also can’t afford it – like low or no cost prenatal (and pediatric) care. Other programs democrats support for kids would be good too add too. (WIC, SNAP and free lunches…etc) Make sure you have some white people in there.

    There should be something about how democrats are supportive of dads too. Whether with education or job placement programs or any kinds of assistance for themselves and their family. That could be about the economy but also in general supporting the existence of a strong safety net is being for the health and welfare of all families. Restricting and or removing it makes the country less safe by creating desperation on many fronts.

    And Democrats, the American dream or dreamers could include a visual of kids in classrooms or adults wanting to go to school and trying to figure out how to pay for it.
    You could go a long way with that theme. You arent separating DACA youre including it.

    “no matter who they are or who they love” should add a visual of a traditional relationship or family set up too.

    With health care, choosing between food and treatments wasnt entirely accurate because food is much cheaper.

  2. Gerry Turkel on

    George Entenman makes goods points about greater inclusion of images of people. I would add a photo of President John Kennedy, something on unions, and making progress on past accomplishments.

  3. Todd Andrews on

    The themes are strong but there isn’t a central theme to bring them all together, it’s a collage of stories rather than a focused theme. Having seen Pete Buttigieg speak, he draws freedom into the equation of everyday life.

    It requires freedom to get a fair shot without being discriminated against based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference.

    It requires freedom to enjoy an environment of natural beauty not bound by corporate greed and eminent domain.

    It requires freedom for a woman to decide how she handles her reproductive health.

    It requires freedom to be able to have a health care system where you feel comfortable going to see a doctor and not to decide whether or not to see them based on cost.

    It requires freedom to not have your entire adult years burdened by student loan debts.

    It requires freedom to have a labor/supply chain based on the premise that labor is driving force in the economy and not corporate greed.

    It requires freedom for a person who works full-time to have a wage that is able to provide proper resources to them and their family.

    It requires freedom for students to be able to enter a school and feel safe.

    Etc., etc., etc.

    Of course, a follow-up video should be based on the premise on how we intend to provide those freedoms to our society (which it currently lacks).

  4. Victor on

    Given how badly the party has done lately maybe a better approach would be compare and contrast with Republicans on the issues that Democrats are actually good at. This would also reflect the reality that a lot of people are voting Democrat just because Republicans are terrible.

  5. Victor on

    This ad actually captures pretty well what a lot of people think about the party nowadays

    Summary Translation of the “We are Democrats” ad

    We are the NYC party (Statue of Liberty opening)

    We think we have done very well for the American people for a very long time (For decades opening)

    A very specific and limited proposal like the Dream Act is as important as the American Dream as a national value

    Pandering to individual demographic groups

    Pandering to individual one issue constituencies

    One minute in before talking about economic issues

    Mention of LBJ?

    Affordable Care Act as non-plus ultra of healthcare

    The New Deal is not self-explanatory

    The economic recovery was no universal recovery and has very little in common with the policy program of the New Deal

    Platitudes about wages

    Platitudes about social change

    Empty overpromising

  6. George Entenman on

    I’m all for everything shown in the ad, but I think it makes a terrible mistake in not having more white people in it. Is this supposed to make white working people feel included? Is that one old photo of a woman holding a Social Security check supposed to appeal to the residents of retirement communities? Where is a small business owner, male or female? Where is a young tattooed person hard at work on a computer? Where are scientists who are losing the gov’t support they need for basic research? Where is a sense of optimism, of possibility? We need to fight the forces of evil, but we need to have hope and opportunity too.


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