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Democratic Action Updates

Democracy for America
UPDATEDemocracy for America has trained 157,000 activists on-the-ground in all 50 states.

Wellstone Action
UPDATE: In all, Wellstone Action has trained 8,000 progressives, and guided 4,5000 winning campaigns.

Working Families
UPDATE: Candidates supported by Working Families won 109 of 148 elections in 2017 in New York.

The Arena
UPDATE: The Arena PAC has endorsed 28 candidates.

Emerge America
UPDATE: Emerge America supported 152 women who won general elections in 2017. So far, 458 Emerge Alumnae are running in 2018.

Our Revolution
UPDATE: More than 230,000 individuals have contributed to Our Revolution so far.

Run for Something
UPDATE: 35 of Run for Something’s chosen candidates won last year in races ranging from seats on state legislatures to city councils. More than 500 campaign experts have signed up to mentor Run for Something Candidates. Nearly 15,000 people have signed up to run for office, and Run for Something has raised over $750,000 in grassroots donations.