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Schor: Why Dems Must Rebrand to Include Working-Class

Freddie Sayers interviews political analyst David Schor at unherd.com. Schor shares several insights about what is keeping the Democratic Party from achieving a working majority, including:

College educated people have taken over the branding and issue prioritisation of the Democratic Party, at the expense of working class white people who were in the party and working class non-white people who are in the party, and that’s driving people away. That’s really dangerous. Because in the Democratic Party, if you don’t have non-white conservatives, and you’re just a party of educated, white liberals, that gets you to 25%-30% of the vote….White people with a college degree who are under the age of 34 are less than 5% of the electorate, but they are literally a majority of people who work in politics…so I think it’s very easy for us to develop an inflated sense of how progressive the electorate is or how much people share our values.

Shor has more to say about what Democrats should do to win a stable majority. Here is the rest of the interview:

One comment on “Schor: Why Dems Must Rebrand to Include Working-Class

  1. Martin Lawford on

    In the linked interview, Schor said, “Because at the end of the day, the median voter is a 50-year-old without a college degree. And that means that every time you open your mouth, you should say, ‘is this something that a 50-year-old without a college degree will find compelling? Is it something that they’ll understand?’ And if not, you shouldn’t say it. ”

    Unfortunately, the under-35 college-degreed white political operatives who Schor says constitute the majority of people who work in politics are convinced that they are intellectually and morally superior to that 50-year-old non-degreed median voter and are merely being altruistic when they force him to do what they want. “After all, it’s for his own good. If he disagrees, then he is too stupid to recognize what is in his own best interest and we are morally entitled, nay, morally obliged, to coerce him.” This is why the Democrats’ problem with white working class voters is all but insoluble. You can’t convince the 50-year-old non-degreed voter that the college-degreed 30-year-old policy wonk is wiser than he is and you can’t convince the latter that he isn’t.


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