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Teixeira: Vax Mandates A Political Necessity

The following article by Ruy Teixeira, author of The Optimistic Leftist and other works of political analysis, is cross-posted from his blog:

Time for Vaccine Requirements and/or Passports: It’s a Health, Economic and Political Necessity.

At The Liberal Patriot today. John Halpin explains why this step is past due in the United States and will have woeful consequences if the Biden administration does not step up.

“As TLP has argued since the first days of the Biden administration, there are only two issues that matter for the success of the country and for Democrats in 2022: controlling the pandemic and getting the economy back on track. Everything else is a sideshow and distraction.

Until now, the Biden team has done an admirable job on both fronts. The economy is running full steam ahead and large percentages of Americans are vaccinated.

But all this progress is seriously at risk with the latest delta variant surge and the confusing and contradictory positions of the CDC and health officials on how to confront it. Rather than pushing and promoting the most important goal of near universal vaccination, the CDC has reversed course to recommend masks indoors for the vaccinated—simultaneously undermining their rationale from May for getting the vaccine and diminishing their trustworthiness by not presenting their data and not considering the obvious question of why those who do not want a vaccine would change course or start wearing masks.

Consequently, the country faces yet another culture war fight between the “vaccinated and the unvaccinated” and over the need for masks without getting any closer to doing what is necessary to control the pandemic: near universal vaccination. A lose-lose proposition….
Just as the U.S. economy is going gangbusters, the coronavirus response is producing unnecessary political splits and rising anger and confusion among Americans.

The CDC and Biden should admit their stumbles in issuing the new guidelines, better explain their rationale and fully present all evidence for scrutiny, and pledge to the public full transparency in grappling with the difficult and shifting task of confronting Covid going forward.

Above all, public health officials and leaders need to level with Americans that the only goal that really matters is getting the country to near complete vaccination levels. No one wants to wear masks. No one wants to shut down schools or businesses again. And we have a very effective way to avoid this if everyone gets vaccinated.

Just as people must have driver’s licenses to get on the roads—or present proof of other vaccinations to go to school, to work, or to travel—Covid vaccination must become a requirement for the general welfare of the entire nation. This will require full approval of the vaccines by the FDA followed by clear requirements from employers, insurers, state officials, government agencies, schools, and others that all citizens must show proof of vaccination by the beginning of 2022.”

Read the whole thing at The Liberal Patriot! I also recommend this piece by David Frum at The Atlantic site.

“First Canada overtook the United States in the vaccination race. Now the European Union has done so. Even poor European countries such as Greece, Lithuania, and Poland have surpassed vaccine-resistant U.S. states such as Ohio, Arkansas, and Missouri.

Why is this happening? Facebook exists on the other side of the Atlantic as much as it does on ours. Europeans do not lack for far-right political parties swayed by Russian misinformation. They are not better educated: Most EU countries send fewer of their young people to postsecondary institutions than the United States does. Anybody who has ever visited a European pharmacy has seen that Europeans are at least as susceptible to quack medicine as Americans.

One big difference between the U.S. and the EU is that European governments have been readier than U.S. governments to impose direct consequences on those who refuse vaccines. On July 1, the European Union adopted a digital pass confirming one’s vaccinated status, and individual member states are restricting access to public facilities for those who do not carry the pass. In Italy, for example, after August 6, anyone over the age of 12 who wants to enter a restaurant, gym, swimming pool, or cinema will need to have their green pass scanned at the door.

The EU system turns proof of vaccination into a QR code that EU citizens can store on their phone. The same code works in all EU countries and is available free of charge to EU citizens in both their national language and English.

By contrast, U.S. governments have been very reluctant to go the proof-of-vaccination route. Many Republican-governed states have gone out of their way to protect the right to infect. And even if a state were to try to roll out such a mandate, how would it do so? My CDC-issued proof of vaccination is a piece of cardboard inscribed with a nurse’s handwriting. I can scan it with my phone and instantly email it anywhere on Earth—but the document itself remains the product of Depression-era library-card technology.”

This is unacceptable! We can do better. We must do better.

2 comments on “Teixeira: Vax Mandates A Political Necessity

  1. Candace on

    I’ve read that the arrival of the delta variant is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, but are the people getting infected wearing a mask or following any precautions?

    There’s currently a little over 50% vaccinated where I live. Nearly everyone was wearing masks before the decision was made to reverse the mask mandate. At that time we had about 20 new cases a day. It climbed to where in the last three weeks or so we’ve been getting a couple hundred positive cases reported every day now.
    We cant just rely on vaccines.
    There are 13 variants currently and there will be more. The pattern so far is that they become more lethal. (like the environment and the R party – they all want us dead)

    The CDC made the decision to reverse the mask mandate before knowing how the vaccines would handle the delta variant and while knowing some Americans wouldn’t or couldn’t get vaccinated, (including kids) It was also unknown how effective the vaccine was for people with various health conditions or if and when we would need boosters.
    We still need to wear masks but now we cant reverse the reversal, right?

    What happened to encouraging people to get tested? Remember you can have this without having any symptoms and still be contagious, that includes the vaccinated.
    What about targeted lock downs and contact tracing? Why arent we considering doing what the UK is (where last I heard the positive cases are going down) and wait longer between first and second dose?

    The entire situation is rapidly changing, experimental and full of unknowns. Don’t tell us everything will be fine if we do this one thing…and for politics even! We aren’t going to be out of this for years, especially likely with how determined the R party is to stop this country from solving any of its problems.

    and I just have to add to website design persons everywhere: please stop showing arms being squeezed with needles sticking out of them suspended in time with photos or close up shots of needles themselves and the various detailed ways to describe the action of what happens when you get vaccinated. I don’t know how that’s supposed to encourage anyone. It makes me want to hurl every time I see it or cringe when I read about. Do we need to see pictures of someone getting a colonoscopy or a mammograms etc or of the tools used for them or descriptions of what happens to know what they are?

  2. Martin Lawford on

    “On July 1, the European Union adopted a digital pass confirming one’s vaccinated status, and individual member states are restricting access to public facilities for those who do not carry the pass. In Italy, for example, after August 6, anyone over the age of 12 who wants to enter a restaurant, gym, swimming pool, or cinema will need to have their green pass scanned at the door.”

    Do you know what else they require you to show an ID to do? To vote.


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