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Teixeira: Is Warren Electable?

Is Warren Electable?, Take 2

Some interesting new data from Democracy Corps, which show her running about as well against Trump as Biden (49-42 vs. 49-41). I was particularly encouraged by the chart below, which shows her doing relatively well among white working class women. This is a trend to keep an eye on, given the probable centrality of these voters to the 2020 election result.

Chart on Warren's Electability

To read Teixeira’s earlier post on Warren’s electability, click here.

One comment on “Teixeira: Is Warren Electable?

  1. Victor on

    Biden’s electability is theoretical. He will turn off voters like me, younger, minority and more progressive. So while, yes, 2018 depended in a way on some moderates in the suburbs, it depended a whole lot more on higher youth and minority voters and of course women.

    Why is there any doubt that Warren will get not only each and every single vote Hillary got, but also further consolidate the left?

    What we need data on is how to win the Senate.


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