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Teixeira: A Plug for the White Working Class Roundtable Website

by Ruy Teixeira, author of The Optimistic Leftist and other works of political analysis (cross-posted from his facebook page): 

Since we’ve been talking about the white working class and its importance to the Democratic party, allow me to point you toward a new website dedicated to that very proposition. Published by the good folks at The Democratic Strategist (a site I co-founded many moons ago) the site allows you to access the entire contents of the recent book, Democrats and the White Working Class, which has twelve–count ’em, 12!–great essays on this topic. The site also contains a variety of other useful materials on the issue.

I particularly recommend Andrew Levison’s summary essay, “Five Fundamental Challenges Democratic Candidates Must Get Right If They Want to Win the Support of Non-Racist White Working Class Americans”.

The White Working Class Roundtables

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4 comments on “Teixeira: A Plug for the White Working Class Roundtable Website

  1. Victor on

    This really needs broader dissemination in all the liberal sites (which are too many to mention) that continue to argue that the vast majority of Obama to Trump voters (or abstainers) are incorrigible racists.

  2. Nick Johnson on

    If “non-racist” white working class people voted for Trump – I got news for you, they’re racist. You only debase the democratic party by continuing your hopeless appeals to them.

    This whole approach is silly. The Democrats do not need the “white working class” to win elections. They need to build a Progressive platform that appeals to first-time, second-time, YOUNG voters. YOUNG people of color and young women (not to mention young men) all turned out for Sanders, and would be willing to work just as hard for a truly Progressive Democrat as they did for Obama.

    Harness the energy of the youth movement. Or keep losing elections by pandering to middle-aged racists who don’t think they’re racists. Your call.

    • Victor on

      No matter how much data is presented these two myths about racist voters and liberals being able to win with dwindling support from the white working class don’t seem to die.

      Demographic projections about Hispanics not only continuing to grow as percentage of the population but also increasing their support for Democrats are speculative and dangerously prone to error.

      Which of the 10 essays did you read to reach your conclusion?


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