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Dem House Candidate’s Ad Rocks KY Politics

The following ad for Democratic House of Reps. (KY-6) candidate Lt. Colonel Amy McGrath, created by Mark Putnam, who also helped develop ads for President Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns, is generating considerable buzz in Kentucky politcs — and the nation:

Great ad that it is, Mcgrath faces a tough challenge in a heavily-red district. Those who want to help Mcgrath can contribute at her ActBlue page.

2 comments on “Dem House Candidate’s Ad Rocks KY Politics

  1. Jack Olson on

    If flying a fighter plane in combat is an important qualification for political office, then shouldn’t we have elected Senator McCain in 2008 instead of Senator Obama and re-elected George H. Bush instead of electing Bill Clinton?

    • watcher on

      It is not an important qualification but it will help blunt the inevitable Republican attacks on her patriotism–but you knew that already. However, her personal story does show her as someone who fights against injustice and she pledges to protect healthcare in a state that badly needs it.


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