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President Obama’s Farewell Address

President Obama’s farewell address to the nation at McCormick Place in Chicago on Tuesday (full text is available here):

One comment on “President Obama’s Farewell Address

  1. Jack Olson on

    Gallup’s poll earlier this month asked respondents whether the country had improved on various issues during Obama’s Presidency. On most issues, more said they had gotten worse than gotten better. That includes the United States’s standing in the world (49% said worse, 30% said better), race relations (52% said worse, 25% said better), the gap between rich and poor (48% said worse, 14% said better), terrorism (49% said worse, 28% said better), crime (56% said worse, 21% said better) and immigration (45% said worse, 27% said better). How surprised can we be that the Democratic Party, of which he has been standard bearer, has lost so many elections during his term in office and now the Presidency, too?


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