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Some Super Tuesday Guides:

Can Bernie Sanders Bounce Back on Super Tuesday? and 4 Big Questions About the Republican Race on Super Tuesday, both by Ed Kilgore at New York magazine.
What You Need To Know About Super Tuesday: Thirteen states vote Tuesday in presidential primaries or caucuses — the most in 2016 by Daniel Marans at HuffPo.
What to Watch For on Super Tuesday by Jonathan Martin and Nate Cohn at The New York Times.
The complex math behind the Super Tuesday delegate race, explained by Philip Bump at The Fix.
Super Tuesday Will Be Our Best Look Yet At What Voters Think About The Economy by Ben Casselman at FiveThirtyEight.
First Read: Four Super Tuesday Storylines to Watch by Chuck Todd, Martin Murray and Carrie Dann at MSNBC First Read.
What to Watch for on Super Tuesday by Josh Vorhees at Slate.com.
Tuesday primary preview: How Donald Trump could totally ruin life for GOP incumbents by Jeff Singer at Daily Kos.
Super Tuesday: Five things to watch for by Stephanie Condon and Steve Chaggaris at CBS News.
Super Tuesday: What to watch by Eric Bradner at CNN Politics.
Super Tuesday 2016: 12 states are voting. Here’s when we’ll know results by Libby Nelson at Vox.
Super Tuesday: Here’s What Goes Down by Mikaela Lefrak at The New Republic.

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