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Longman: AP/Fox Post and the Smell of Smear

At Washington Monthly Political Animal, Martin Longman’s The Media Treatment of the Clintons Never Improves comments on an Associated Press article which has been put up on the Fox News website with a headline that appears designed to disparage Hillary Clinton. As Longman writes,

Let’s take a look at this Associated Press piece that is being prominently featured at the Fox News website. The headline writers certainly tried to make it appealing to those who are opposed to another Clinton presidency: Clinton opened State Department office to dozens of corporate donors, Dem fundraisers.
But, once you open the article and start reading, you encounter the following disclaimer (emphasis mine):
it’s basically a smear to publish a piece like this one from the Associated Press, especially when you are unwilling to spell out your double standard and really justify the rationale behind it. And the headline writers take advantage, too, to get the clicks they’re after.
This story says that Hillary Clinton did nothing unusual, illegal, or even unethical, but that’s not the impression the story and the headline leaves, is it?
Haven’t we seen enough of this kind of media treatment of the Clintons over the years?

A Fox News headline distortion is no surprise. But somehow, we still expect better from AP. The nation’s most widely-read news agency has nurtured and featured many fine writers over the years, and lowering its standards to allow poorly-sourced Hillary-bashing is a disappointment.

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