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Cheney’s Reminder of Bush Legacy Should Make Jeb, GOP Blush

From WaPo columnist Dana Milbank’s “Dick Cheney tries to fool the public again,” commenting on his address to the American Enterprise Institute:

Cheney hyperbolized, hyperventilated and gave rein to hyperactive imagination — “desperation . . . cave . . . neutered” — and the audience at the normally sedate American Enterprise Institute was riled…Applauding Cheney from the front row were Paul D. Wolfowitz, a principal architect of the Iraq war, and Sen. Tom Cotton, (Ark.), author of the Senate Republicans’ letter to the ayatollahs attempting to kill the deal during negotiations. In the second row were former congresswoman Michele Bachmann and I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, the Cheney aide whose tenure led to a prison sentence.
Surely, those who would like to see Congress undo the nuclear agreement can’t expect that rolling out Cheney is going to save the cause. When it comes to dire predictions based on scary intelligence, the former vice president wouldn’t seem to have the best track record.

Clearly the GOP’s neocons have learned nothing from the Bush administration’s catastrophe. More disturbing is that few of the current Republican presidential aspirants are willing to say so.

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