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NYT grossly libels Hillary Clinton on front page, runs inadequate corrections on back pages and then tells Clinton campaign: “we don’t plan to comment further.” Perhaps they should change their corporate slogan to “all the smears that fit the print.”

The New York Times screwed up badly on July 22nd, when ‘the newspaper of record’ ran a disastrously-flawed story saying that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been targeted by criminal referrals from two inspectors general relating to her e-mail usage during her tenure as Secretary of State.
The Times report included some astounding errors, and the newspaper’s clumsy walkback compounded the mess exponentially. Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri responded with a devastating letter to executive editor Dean Banquet. The Eric Wemple blog at The Washington Post frames Palmieri’s letter and the stunningly inadequate Times response:

Thanks to a letter from Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri shared this evening with the Erik Wemple Blog, we now know that the version of events from within the Times was incomplete. In a lengthy, detailed and merciless letter, Palmieri documents just how rushed and reckless was the Times’ push to publish the story that night.

You can read more about it right here.

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