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Clinton & Sanders: A Formula For Democratic Unity

From Betsy Woodruff’s Daily Beast post, “Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Just Had a (Sorta) Lovefest“:

The combative Vermont senator, who’s currently polling in second place (very distant second place, but hey, second place nonetheless) behind Clinton in the contest to be Democrats’ 2016 presidential nominee, rubbed shoulders with her Tuesday on Capitol Hill when she made a quick pit stop there to shmooze with old congressional pals.
…Several senators said Sanders joined his fellow liberals to stand and applaud the former secretary of state when she entered the room and indicated that the exchange between the two former colleagues was complimentary.
Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) said Clinton name-checked the Vermont senator early in her remarks, giving him “real praise for carrying the Democratic flag high with a lot of excited supporters, some comment like that that was real positive right at the start of her comments.”

Sanders reportedly appreciated the compliment, affirmed his intention to run a civil campaign, even while noting that they disagreed in varying degrees on issues like the Keystone pipeline, restoring Glass-Steagal and climate change: “I don’t like negative campaigns, I’ve never run a negative ad in my life,” Bernie Sanders said. “I believe the American people are entitled to serious discussion about serious issues.”
Despite their differences, adds Woodruff, “the interactions between Sanders and Clinton in the Capitol on Tuesday indicate the pair may not campaign in the knock-down, drag-out slugfest style that dominated the 2008 Democratic primaries.” Woodruff quotes Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill’s summation of the luncheon meeting: “We were all grown-ups, we all like each other, we’re all in the same party,” We all want the same result.”
And that result begins with a blue wave on the first Tuesday of November, 2016

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