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New Poll Shows Public Supports Iran Negotiations, President Obama

A CNN/ORC poll conducted 3/13-15 indicates that Senator Cotton’s letter signed by 47 Republican Senators was a net negative for the GOP, as reported by Jennifer Agiesta, CNN’s Polling Director. Was Agiesta reports:

Direct diplomatic negotiations with Iran are broadly popular, 68% favor them, while 29% oppose them. That support cuts across party lines, with 77% of Democrats, 65% of Republicans and 64% of independents in favor of diplomacy between the U.S. and Iran in an attempt to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.
…All told, 49% of Americans say the letter went too far, while 39% think it was an appropriate response to the way negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program were going. Opinions on the letter were divided along partisan lines, with 67% of Democrats saying it went too far while 52% of Republicans called it appropriate. Among independents, 47% thought it went too far, 42% that it was appropriate.

The poll found that nearly half of respondents, 49% say “some Republican senators went too far by sending a letter to Iran’s leaders warning that any agreement with the Obama administration would require Senate approval” with 39% agreeing that “the letter hurt U.S. efforts to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons,” reports Agiesta.
Agiesta concludes, “Americans have greater confidence in President Barack Obama than the Republicans in Congress in dealing with major issues, whether those are domestic or related to foreign policy.” Approximately half said they have faith in President Obama “on major issues and major foreign policy issues,” while 4-in-10 expressed more confidence in the GOP, with 1-in-10 saying they “trust neither side on the big issues.”

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