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Whitewashing Koch Bros Record Not Likely to Work

The excerpt below comes from a cheesy staff story in the “Washington Free Beacon,” pretty much what you would expect from a conservative e-rag:

In last night’s Iowa Senate debate, Rep. Bruce Braley used the familiar Democratic attack alleging Republican candidate Joni Ernst will “owe the Koch brothers everything” after election day.
Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough wasn’t buying it. The MSNBC host ridiculed the Iowa congressman’s attack.
“This Koch brothers thing, it’s ridiculous,” Scarborough said. “Especially when they’re getting tons and tons of money on their side.”
…”It doesn’t even work in Manhattan, where people thank God for David Koch,” Scarborough said. David Koch has donated nearly $300 million to New York City medical and cultural institutions.
“If you go to the hospital for special surgery because you’re mortally injured you will be thanking David Koch,” co-host Mika Brzezinski said.

Apparently the Morning Joe gang thinks their Koch Brothers sponsors should get a free ride on their support of voter suppression (see here, here or here, for example), trashing Social Security, their polluting industries, crushing labor unions, gutting health and safety regulations, opposition to the minimum wage and lavishly supporting right-wing candidates who oppose reforms to help working people.
There may a point when Democrats get diminishing returns on the strategy of calling out the Koch brother’s funding of extremist causes and candidates. But characterizing the Koch brothers as humane business leaders is a stretch too far for all but the more willfully ignorant media puppets.

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