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Toward Balance in Polling Questions…

Joan McCarter has a Daily Kos post up flagging a McLaughlin & Associates poll which generated the Weekly Standard headline “60 percent of voters want Obamacare to be repealed.” Here’s the question that produced the numbers behind the headline:

“Would you support or oppose repealing and replacing Obamacare with a conservative alternative that would save $1 trillion, reduce premiums, enhance access to doctors, and increase the number of people with private insurance by 6 million, but would cover 6 million fewer people overall because fewer people would be on Medicaid?”

No, this is not a joke. In the interest of even-handedness, however, we would like to suggest a follow-up question to insure a semblance of balanced inquiry:

“Would you support the Affordable Health Care Act if it lowered your federal taxes, paid for your kids college education, cured breast and lung cancer, secured the border and gave you a coupon for five all-expense-paid nights in Vegas with the movie star of your choice?”

OK, we’ll throw in an Ipad.

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