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Kos says: “We’re building a small-dollar people-powered party”

From Kos:
This is a good thing:

Democratic candidates for Congress are crushing their Republican counterparts in small-dollar donations–outraising their GOP foes by an average of more than $100,000 per candidate in the nation’s top races.
That’s the finding of a new National Journal analysis of federal records in the most competitive House contests in the country. In those, the average Democrat has collected $179,300 in donations under $200; the average Republican has brought in only $78,535.
“That,” said Vincent Harris, a Republican digital strategist, “is a big deal.”
It has been widely reported that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has lapped the National Republican Congressional Committee when it comes to small donations. The DCCC has outraised the NRCC by more than $41 million in donations under $200 this cycle, much of it collected online.

I know many of you are frustrated at the amount of email fundraising pitches you’re getting, but THAT’S the reason you are–they work, and they are helping power Democrats past their Republican opponents.
Republicans WISH they could get this kind of popular support, but they’re left begging Sheldon Adelson for another $10 million check. Ours is a people-powered party, theirs is a billionaire-powered one.
And who owns a party? Those who fund it. The more dependent on small-dollar contributions the Democrats become, the more beholden they are to its grassroots. It’s a win-win. We are the majority, and we know better how to win our hearts and minds than the Third Way jokers still holding too much sway.
That’s why it’s important that everyone who hasn’t given this cycle check out this page and find at least one candidate to give $3. At least one.

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