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GA GOP Senate Candidate Perdue “Proud” of His Outsourcing — On Camera

Not a good message at a time when Georgia has the highest unemployment rate of all 50 states. Meanwhile Kristina Torres reports at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Georgia is experiencing a surge in voter registration.
Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn looked sharp and assertive in last night’s debate in Perry, GA, as did Democratic candidate for governor Jason Carter. Both Democratic candidates seem to have amped up their media skills significantly in recent weeks. Republicans should be very worried.
Neither Democrat has done too much with their respective political pedigrees, perhaps assuming that name recognition alone does the job adequately. But one long-time observer of Georgia politics suggests that the most potent use of Michelle Nunn’s father, former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn and Jason Carter’s grandparents, former President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter would be to deploy them in interviews, rather than ads, and have them work nursing homes to get a larger share of the high-turnout senior constituency.
UPDATE: For more insight on uptick in GA voter registration and new details on how Georgia’s demographic transformation is not well-reflected in most recent polls, see Jay Bookman’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution column, “Warning to Ga. GOP: Demographic change may be closer than it appears.” See also Kos’s “If we turn out, we win: A Georgia update.”

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