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TDS Strategy Memo: Progressives face fundamental choice about political strategy.

Dear Readers:
The Democratic Strategist is pleased to offer a significant new Strategy Memo by James Vega that presents a provocative and important argument.
Here’s how it begins:

The progressive wing of the Democratic Party is facing a fundamental choice about political strategy.
There is no question that, as a recent Politico article stated,
“An ascendant progressive and populist movement” is increasingly
dominant in the Democratic coalition today.
The single most dramatic evidence of this rapid rise of the progressive-populist wing is, of course, the emergence of Elizabeth Warren in a few short years as the most widely popular and generally respected progressive leader in the Democratic universe since Teddy Kennedy in his prime.
But progressive-populist Democrats have not yet grasped the critical fact that Elizabeth Warren is not only a compelling progressive champion. She is also presenting progressive and populist Democrats with a very new and distinct approach to progressive political strategy. It is a new approach that inevitably requires progressive Dems to make a profound and fundamental choice regarding how they will relate to the rest of the Democratic Party.
You can read the memo HERE.

We believe you will find this memo both useful and important.
Ed Kilgore
Managing Editor
The Democratic Strategist

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