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TDS Managing Editor Ed Kilgore: The Strategic Lessons of 2013

Here are my thoughts on the four most important strategic conclusions that can be drawn from the events of 2013:
1. Losing any one particular election does not and will not moderate Republican extremism or induce them to move back to the center. Democrats should not base their political strategy on the hope that this will occur.
2. Democratic firmness and unity in the face of Republican obstructionism was absolutely indispensable in 2013. It remains equally vital for the future
3. The state of the economy and the real-life consequences of policy decisions have far more influence on voters decisions than does the daily news cycle or the constant ups and downs of public opinion. Democrats should therefore not allow transient events and trends to overly influence their thinking.
4. Given the current partisan balance in Congress legislative gridlock cannot be overcome in the foreseeable future. Democrats therefore need to prioritize increasing Democratic voter turnout (especially in off-year elections) and expanding the Democratic coalition.
To read my entire memo reviewing these conclusions in more depth, click HERE.
Ed Kilgore: The Strategic lessons of 2013

Ed Kilgore
Managing Editor
The Democratic Strategist

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