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Dems Collecting ACA Success Stories

In his Washington Post Politics post, “Democrats eagerly seeking signs of success with health-care law,” Ed O’Keefe discusses the new strategy to challenge the GOP’s last-ditch campaign to repeal Obamacare:

…Democratic senators are being asked to use social media — especially the Twitter call-out #GotCovered — new “Got Covered Today” sections of their Web sites and specialized e-mail addresses to highlight people who “had a positive experience” enrolling for new health plans.
Any new success stories “will provide us with the ammunition we need to rebut Republican claims that the law isn’t working,” the memo said.
The effectiveness of this approach is an open proposition and in some ways exposes the divisions among Democrats about how to deal with the problem.
One senior Democratic aide familiar with the plan said that new push was needed because the White House was failing to tout the law’s early successes. “Democrats expected the White House to be more aggressive in promoting positive stories surrounding the Affordable Care Act, but that effort hasn’t gotten off the ground,” said the aide, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the plan and requested anonymity. “Congressional Democrats are recognizing they need to fill that gap.”

A few of these Obamacare success stories are starting to pop up here and there. But a much broader counterpunch is needed. Twitter is great for making young people more aware and to help persuade them to enroll in the plan. But seniors and moderates should also be made more aware of the success stories, if Dems want to win the day.
Smart Republicans know that ACA repeal is not going to happen. They just want to shroud the reality with exaggerated horror stories so they can make it a campaign issue in 2014. Fortunately, by next summer Democrats should have amassed hundreds, perhaps thousands of impressive success stories — and they should use them in all media.

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