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Sargent: Dems, MSM Should Not Cave to GOP Threat to Destroy the Economy

Greg Sargent’s “If Obama endorses his own impeachment, GOP will agree not to destroy the U.S. economy” at the Washington Post ‘Plum Line’ warns of a very real threat presented by the Republicans’ latest strategy:

Here’s my worry: By laying out a truly insane list of demands, Republicans could perversely succeed in reframing this battle — at least in the eyes of some in the Beltway press — as a standard Washington confrontation in which both sides are making demands and the impasse is the result of each side’s refusal to meet somewhere in the middle. You could easily see a scenario in which Republicans “agree” to drop some of their demands and argue they are trying to compromise, with some commentators then wondering aloud why the White House is refusing to negotiate in kind.
So let’s say it again: This is not a standard Washington negotiation, in which each side is demanding concessions from the other. Democrats are not asking Republicans to make any concessions. They are asking Republicans to join them in not destroying the U.S. economy. House Republican leaders — who have themselves conceded not raising the debt limit would jeopardize the full faith and credit of the U.S. government — are asking Democrats to make a series of concessions in exchange for not unleashing widespread economic havoc that will hurt all of us. But agreeing not to destroy the economy doesn’t count as a concession on the part of Republicans, and no one should expect it to be rewarded with anything in return. Just because Republicans are trying to frame this as a conventional negotiation doesn’t mean folks have to play along with it

As Sargent concludes, “…you’d think the basic absurdity of demanding multiple concessions in exchange for not destroying the economy would be apparent enough on its face….Hopefully the outsized and buffoonish nature of this round of GOP demands will change that. Hopefully.”

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