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McCaskill: ‘He thinks he’s starring in a movie…it’s all about him’

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Senator Claire McCaskill shows why she may be the very last U.S. Senator Republicans ought to mess with. In this clip, she demolishes the GOP’s phony meme that members of congress are exempt from Obamacare requirements. She points out also that Republican members of congress can opt out from taking an employer contribution any time they want — but of course they won’t.
McCaskill adds, “There was an election in November and there were two candidates for president. One said repeal Obamacare; the other one didn’t. the one that said it’s not going to be repealed won. And by the way, every Democratic senator who voted for Obamacare — red state, blue state, purple state — were re-elected, many by double digits. And we added two senators…”
This is how a well-prepared, media-savvy elected official shreds her adversaries’ bogus arguments.

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