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Yo. Dems. Calm Down. Before everybody drinks hemlock or falls on their swords because of the new CNN poll showing a big drop in Obama’s approval, take a deep breath and read what pollster.com says

From “POLLSTER UPCATEGORY: Democratic Strategist

Four other pollsters — Gallup, Rasmussen Reports, Fox News and Economist/YouGov — have tracked Obama’s approval since the NSA revelations were first published in June 6. When compared to their prior surveys in May, the other organizations all showed declines in approval of 1 to 2 percentage points (averaging –1.7 points), and two of four showed slight increases in disapproval (averaging +0.8). None show anywhere near the dramatic pattern of the two CNN surveys. (See this chart)

Reactions from Twitter:
-The Guardian’s Harry Enten: “Dear all media organizations: really isn’t a bad thing to cite an average or other company’s polls. Really it’s not.” [@ForecasterEnten] -Political scientist Brendan Nyhan: [Obama’s approval] might be drifting down a bit – but no evidence to support a swing of eight points. [@BrendanNyhan]

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