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Here’s the latest political commentary from the alternate universe where the GOP is not paralyzing the government

New York Times op-ed writer Bill Keller arguing for appointing a special counsel to investigate the IRS affair:

The third reason for a special counsel is that the government has serious business to conduct, and the scandal circus on Capitol Hill is a terrible distraction. Oversight, so-called, is what we do these days instead of passing a budget, reforming the immigration system, or processing the countless government and judicial appointments awaiting confirmation. Handing off the I.R.S. problem to a special counsel and putting congressional hearings on hold would allow everyone, including journalists, to turn their attention to all that unfinished business.

In Keller’s alternate universe, one nust assume, the GOP is not refusing to pass a budget, not blocking appointees, not filibustering every bill and not refusing to fund programs already on the books. In this universe, on the other hand, the only thing the scandals are distracting the GOP from doing more of is obstruction.

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