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American Majority Mines Data, Helps Shape Policy, Progressive Messaging

Wouldn’t it be great, you may have wondered, if some organization with the necessary resources reviewed all the relevant opinion polls on a regular basis and tapped leading experts to hone progressive policies and messages addressing public attitudes regarding critical issues like Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, taxes, the budget deficit and the role of unions?
Turns out there is such an organization — The American Majority, which addresses these critical issues from a data-driven progressive perspective and challenges the traditional media when their reporting lapses into bias.
For example, the American Majority cites a Morning Joe/Marist poll, conducted March 25-27, which indicates that “64 percent believe creating jobs should be the president’s and Congress’s top priority; only 33 percent of Americans think the top priority should be deficit reduction.” Take a look here, for a recent round-up of polling on some of the aforementioned issues. This web page lists the top progressive experts the American Majority tracks. On yet another page, “our writers and others explain where the American Majority stands on spending priorities and the federal deficit. They also address the challenge of getting these American Majority positions acknowledged by the media and acted on by Washington.”
It’s an invaluable resource for progressives, and it should play a significant role in helping Dems win on the issues in the elections ahead.

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