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Ryan’s Budget Sets New Standard for Arrogance Toward Public

Ed Kilgore’s “A Tug O’ the Forelock” at the Washington Monthly pinpoints the “rationale” behind Paul Ryan’s latest regurgitation:

…In the 1980s, when Democrats found themselves on the south end of a northbound electoral-demographic trend line, they adjusted pretty dramatically, or at least had big and ideologically meaningful arguments about it with the forces of the status quo ante having the burden of persuasion. Republicans in a similar situation seem determined to scream defiance at the electorate. Their way is the Truth and the Light, and it’s the country which needs to adjust!
…Ryan’s budget is a tug of the forelock by the House GOP to the Cut-Cap-Balance crowd who think a radical and permanent reduction in domestic spending, read right into the Constitution, should be the eternal message of the Republican Party, no matter what happens electorally. All their endless and redundant RINO-bashing and demands for adherence to “conservative principle” reflect that belief-set. The American people are to be offered a chance to reverse the tragic mistake they made in 1964, again and again until they finally get it right. So it’s important to Ryan’s core constituency that the party’s largely symbolic budget documents keep on that shining path, world without end.

All of which must be sorely testing the capacity for embarrassment of smarter Republicans. As “T2” adds in the comments following Kilgore’s post, “Another example of why today’s GOP has become more of a cult than a viable political party.”

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