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Asian-Americans Strongly Favor Dems

Gallup Politics’ Andrew Dugan reports that “Asian-Americans Solidly Prefer Democrats: Sixty-one percent of young adult Asian-Americans identify as/lean Democratic.” The polling numbers are “based on aggregated data from Gallup Daily tracking surveys conducted throughout 2012, including interviews with 6,465 Asian-Americans.”
Dugan’s report includes the usual breakdown, which shows 36 percent of Asian Americans self-i.d. as Democratic, 17 percent Republican and 46 percent Independent. But, “after probing independents for party leaning,” the numbers get even more favorable, with Dems at 57 percent, 28 percent for Republicans and 13 percent Independents. Adult Americans of all races were 45 percent Dems, 41 percent Republicans and 12 percent Independents, after factoring in “leaners.” Dugan adds:

Republicans did not perform well among Asian-Americans in the 2012 election, losing this group by an estimated 72% to 26% margin. Asian-Americans make up a small but growing portion of the total electorate, probably 3% in 2012. While both parties and the media have focused highly after the election on the similarly Democratically skewed Hispanic vote, these data are a reminder that the Republican Party suffers from a competitive problem with this minority bloc as well.
…Young Asians break more strongly Democratic, giving President Obama’s party a 61% to 24% advantage over the GOP…This advantage is not to be understated: a commanding 56% of adult Asian-Americans are between the ages of 18 and 34, making Asian-Americans as a whole the youngest of any U.S. racial or ethnic group Gallup analyzes. By comparison, 23% of adult non-Hispanic whites — the racial category most receptive to the Republican Party — are between those ages, versus 37% of non-Hispanic blacks and 47% of Hispanics.

The poll also has some intriguing numbers showing some strong support for Dems among the high-turnout seniors cohort, when leaners are factored in: Dems get 55 percent of Asian Americans over age 55, 40 percent of non-Hispanic white seniors, 84 percent of non-Hispanic Blacks over 55 and 59 percent of Latino seniors. The poll indicates that the age 35-54 cohort is the bigger problem for Dems.

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