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The news that McCain is backing Lindsey Graham’s sabotage of Hegel’s nomination to demand more investigation of “Benghazi” shouldn’t come as any surprise. Back in November TDS predicted the GOP would pull out all the stops to keep this non-story alive.

Here’s what we said back then:
Watch out Dems: Don’t underestimate the conservative “Benghazi scandal” narrative. It isn’t irrational, trivial or vacuous. It serves to support four very important attacks on Obama. As a result, conservatives are going to play it for all that its worth
The Hillary hearings didn’t produce a shred of new or damaging information, but for the GOP that’s not really the point. Like the Whitewater so-called scandal in the 1990’s that never found any wrongdoing, it’s the pure theatrics and atmospherics that they are after – the constant repetition of the suggestion that there is some hidden truth that would deeply discredit Obama and his administration.
Eventually, the buzzword becomes completely disconnected from any specific content; Benghazi is a “Scandal” simply because the echo chamber repeats the word until until it becomes a stock stump speech cliche.
Whitewater went on for ten years. So we can count on hearing about Benghazi in 2014 and 2016 – and there won’t be a single shread of new information in any of it.

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