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How the GOP Can Win in 2016

A note from Ed Kilgore:
Dear Readers:
In their public pronouncements since November the leading figures in the GOP have essentially attributed their defeat in 2012 to the inept communication of their entirely correct message. In their view their major errors were “Saying some stupid things,” “failing to be welcoming to all Americans,” and, implicitly, picking a candidate voters genuinely didn’t like. All that is necessary, they publicly argue, is to correct these failings in order to achieve success in 2016.
At the same time, however, outside observers have noted a range of other, less publicly discussed strategies for winning the 2012 elections that the GOP employed and which it continues to refine for the future.
The Democratic Strategist is pleased to present the following perceptive look at this issue by Paul Booth, the Executive Assistant to the President of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Workers and an innovative political strategist within the trade union movement. As he says: “After an election it is always a good idea for Democrats to try to see the contest through the eyes of their opponents”.
How the GOP Can Win in 2016
To read the memo, click HERE.

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