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New Poll Indicates Obama and Dems Riding Favorable Tailwind in Struggles with the GOP

President Obama and Democrats should be encouraged by a new CNN/ORC International poll, which underscores how little leverage the Republicans have at this political moment. Here are a couple of the results, which spell trouble ahead for the GOP:
Asked “Do you have more confidence in President Obama or in the Republicans in Congress to deal with the major issues facing the country today?,” 49 percent said President Obama, compared to just 31 percent for ‘Republicans in congress.’
Responding to the question, “If the two parties can develop bipartisan solutions to the country’s problems, which party do you think should give up more of the proposals it supports — the Democratic party or the Republican party?,” 53 percent said the Republican party, compared to 41 percent for Democrats. And 53 percent also said that the Republican Party was “too extreme,” with 43 percent saying the GOP was “generally mainstream.”
In addition 52 percent said they disapproved of “the way John Boehner is handling his job as Speaker of the House?,” with only 34 percent expressing approval. The speaker and his fellow Republicans haven’t yet shown much regard for how the public feels about their extremist politics. But the tide of public resentment seems to be rising, and their obstructionist strategy may not be able to survive much longer.

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