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“That’s Not a Plan, McClain, How You Do That Is A Plan”

In preparation for the debate tomorrow, Obama might want to borrow a line from one of the Die Hard movies with Bruce Willis.
In the film Willis’ character John McClain is racing to save his kidnapped daughter, accompanied by a geeky computer kid. As they near the kidnappers hideout the geeky kid asks “What’s your plan, McClain?”
Willis answers: “I’m going to bust in there, kill all the bad guys and rescue my daugher.”
The geeky kid responds: “That’s not a plan McClain, how you do that is a plan.”
In the coming debate, when Romney recites his completely vacuous “Five Point Plan” (eliminate regulations, cut taxes etc. ) Obama should say:
“Gov. Romney, you don’t know what a plan is.That’s not a plan. How you actually do that is a plan.”

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