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New Poll: Working Families Strongly Favor Obama

The horse-race polls show that the presidential race is narrowing. But when it comes to the views of working-class voters, the President is holding an impressive lead, according to “New Poll Shows Working Families Trust Obama on Economy, Social Issues” by Mike Hall of AFL-CIO Now. As Hall reports on the poll, which was conducted On October 17:

…Working family voters–union and nonunion–who have been contacted by the labor movement’s voter outreach program, overwhelmingly believe that President Obama is far more in tune with their needs and is vastly more trusted to handle the economy and social issues, such as Social Security and Medicare, according to a new poll.
…People surveyed believe that Obama has a better understanding of their everyday struggles than Mitt Romney by 54% to 16% among union members and 50% to 20% among nonunion workers.
When asked, “Who do you trust to do a better job handling the economy?” 62% to 27% of union members and 48% to 39% of nonunion workers said Obama. There were similar trust factor numbers for who they trusted to protect Medicare–65% to 24% of union members and 55% to 32% of nonunion workers said Obama. For Medicaid, 63% to 22% of union members and 53% to 31% of nonunion workers said Obama.
…While Romney wants to turn Medicare into a privatized “coupon care” system, respondents said Medicare should stay as it is and not change to a public/private hybrid system: 68% to 21% of union members and 64% to 24% of nonunion workers…When asked if they supported cuts to Social Security, which could be on the table for the upcoming lame-duck session of Congress, just 8% to 86% of union members and 10% to 85% of nonunion working family voters said they supported cuts.

Read the rest of the AFL-CIO report right here.

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