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Kilgore on Sketchy’s ‘Tonality’

At The Washington Monthly TDS managing editor Ed Kilgore provides the definitive answer to questions about why wingnuts are putting up with Etch-a-sketch’s cosmetic ‘move-toward-the-center’: Kilgore quotes, via WaPo’s Dana Milbank, Grover ‘the pledge’ Norquist on the topic:

I hear all this as tonal…You’re now in the general election and you’ve already convinced conservatives why they should vote for you…You’re now talking to undecided voters, who have a completely different set of issues.

In other words, it’s a big Republican wink. As Kilgore translates Grover from the GOP-speak, “”I hear all this as tonal” means “it doesn’t mean a damn thing.” Kilgore also quotes Alec McGillis from his TNR post, saying that “the leash” will be “snapped tight again” if Romney actually wins, while the impression of Romney’s moderation could prove useful as an excuse if he loses.” Kilgore concludes that “movement conservatives may be playing a game as devious as Mitt himself.”

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