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Big Dog, Boss Rock Ohio Blue Collars for Obama

Give it up for tireless Obama campaigners Bill Clinton and Bruce Springsteen, who just took their road show to Parma, a largely white working-class suburb of Cleveland. It would be hard to identify a better couple to take the message to Ohio’s blue collar workers, and, with Springsteen’s music and Clinton’s message, they did not disappoint. Here’s some of Clinton’s magic, from Peter Hamby’s CNN post on their rally:

“This is the first time in my life I got to be the warm up act for Bruce Springsteen,” Clinton joked to a crowd of roughly 3,000 supporters at Cuyahoga County Community College. “I am qualified because I was born in the U.S.A. And unlike one of the candidates for president I keep all my money here.”
…Clinton said the decline from 8.9% unemployment in October 2011 to the 7.8% jobless rate today is “the biggest one year drop in unemployment in 17 years.”
Clinton noted that Romney once refused to take a position on the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the first bill signed into law by President Obama in 2009. Romney’s advisers have said he would not repeal the law, but have continued to dance around the question of whether Romney would have signed the bill.
“What he wants to do is convince the moderate voters that he’s a new man without explicitly disavowing a single solitary commitment he made in the two years he said he was ‘severe conservative’ Mitt Romney,” he said.
He also attacked Romney’s opposition to the federal bailout of Chrysler and General Motors, a measure overwhelmingly backed by voters in Ohio, where one out of eight jobs are linked to the auto industry.
“I love Ohio,” Clinton said. “It’s an old school place. We like our families, we like our communities, we value our personal loyalty … The president had your back. You got to have his back now.”

Then Springsteen came on, said it was like “going on after Elvis.” He sang “Allentown,” “We Take Care of Our Own, “This Land is Your Land,” “No Surrender” and and a new song, “Forward And Away We Go,” written for President Obama, which goes like this:

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