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TDS Co-Founder Ruy Teixeira: Public Rejects Conservative View of Stimulus

Despite the conservative argument that President Obama’s stimulus plan was an ineffective waste of money, new opinion data indicates that “the stimulus–whatever its flaws might have been–played an important role in keeping the economy from getting far worse than it did,” says TDS Co-Founder Ruy Teixeira. As Teixeira continues:

…In a new United Technologies/National Journal poll, respondents were given a description of the stimulus program–from the standpoint of both its supporters and its detractors–and asked how much they’d heard or seen about the program. Almost all (85 percent) had heard at least something about the stimulus.
Those who had heard at least something about the stimulus program were then asked whether the stimulus was the right or wrong thing to do for the country. A solid majority (55 percent) thought the stimulus program was the right thing to do.

The Romney and Republican meme that the stimulus failed to improve the economy has been broadly rejected. “In the public’s view, the stimulus may not have been perfect, but it was integral to helping our economy get back on track,” explains Teixeira.

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