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Kilgore: Working People Bit Players to Romney, Mighty Job-Creators

In his Washington Monthly post, ‘”Makers:” The Tiny Band of Heroes,’ TDS managing editor Ed Kilgore explores some of the smug, twisted psychology behind Romney’s ‘47%’ rant, and paints a grim picture of what life under his leadership would be like. Kilgore quotes NYT columnist Paul Krugman’s insight that Republicans have all but embraced the John Galt thing as some sort of lodestar. Kilgore adds,

…If you don’t fall into the charmed circle of “job creators;” if you don’t own your own business, or have enough wealth to make significant capital investments; then your job, it appears, is to bear down, shut up, and do what you can to make life easier for your bosses. Abandon that union; stop asking for pay increases; gracefully accept that shift from defined benefit to defined contribution pensions, or from any pension to none; pay your taxes and stop worrying about the tax rates paid by your superiors–you’re lucky they pay them at all, given the fact you already owe them your daily bread, everything you own, and your very life.
…So whatever else it represents, the Boca Moment provides a glimpse into the unsavory world view of people who look at their own employees, not to mention other folks with few capital assets, with what can only be described as contempt–as cannon fodder for the great competitive struggle in which they, the “job creators,” are the only fully human figures.

When you think about it, one would have to go back to the 19th century to find an equally-arrogant viewpoint at the helm of a major American political party. You can read the rest of Kilgore’s post here.

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