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Kilgore: Romney’s Tax Gripes about 47% Sure to Boomerang

Ed Kilgore’s post, “Class Warfare on Taxes Not Real Smart for Romney” at The Washington Monthly makes a point the GOP nominee’s wingnut amen corner has overlooked:

I understand that when Mitt Romney made his now-infamous comments about “the 47%” in Boca Raton months ago, he was not anticipating it all going public and becoming a major campaign issue. But since some (if not all) conservatives, including the Big Blowhard from just up the road in Palm Beach, are encouraging Mitt to “go with it,” it’s worth noting that there’s little or no evidence a class war on tax burdens would go real well for the GOP.

Kilgore quotes from Greg Sargent’s ‘Plum Line’ post noting that the public does not feel low-income people are under-taxed, nor that the wealthy pay too much. Kilgore adds that “Mitt Romney is the one presidential candidate in recent history who needs to stay far, far away from issues about the morality of various folks’ tax burdens.”
In the comments following Kilgore’s post, a commenter with the handle “c u n d gulag” piles on with a worthy addendum: “Every, and I mean EVERY, Democrat needs to say, “Mr. Romney, before you talk about the 47%ers, prove you ain’t one of ’em! SHOW US YOUR TAX RETURNS!!!.”

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