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Kilgore: Mendacity Is Romney’s Pre-Existing Condition

It’s unlikely that Romney’s ‘Meet the Press’ flip-floppage about Obamacare provisions and subsequent walkback surprised many observers. Indeed, the shocker would be if he took a strong position and held it for longer than a day or two. TDS Managing Editor Ed Kilgore sums up the GOP nominee’s latest flailing about in his aptly-titled post, “Mendacity is Romney’s Pre-Existing Condition” at The Washington Monthly:

To the surprise of no one who has been following Romney’s astonishingly twisted path on health care policy, staff were soon dispatched to “clarify” what Mitt meant, and it’s sure not what he implied on MTP: he’s confident the markets will offer policies covering young adults under their parents’ plans, and he’ll ensure some kind of coverage to people with pre-existing conditions who haven’t let their coverage lapse (a slice of the population largely covered under existing law); if his past statements are any indication, this will wind up meaning that such folk would be covered under the kind of crappy state risk pool plans that already provide poor coverage at crazy high prices.

As Kilgore concludes, “…this is one area of public policy where absolutely no one from Left to Right has any reason to believe a word he is saying.” You can read the rest of Kilgore’s post right here.

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