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Kilgore: ‘Big Dog’ Convention Speech May Have Potent Impact

TDS Managing Editor Ed Kilgore has an interesting take on former President Bill Clinton’s role at the Democratic Convention — and it’s potential impact at the Washington Monthly. Kilgore explains:

Until quite recently, the obvious role for Clinton was to rebut the idea that Obama’s policies–particularly his tax policies–were somehow antithetical to economic growth incompatible with a thriving private sector, or responsible for the nation’s fiscal problems. That remains an important task, and one that Clinton should respond to very personally, since he, too, had to battle the argument that very slightly higher top-level income tax rates would create an economic calamity, or more generally, that political leaders had to bend to the maximum demands of “job creators,” who would spitefully plunge the nation into a downward spiral if forced to support public investments or tolerate regulation.
But as I’ve argued earlier, Clinton has an even more urgent opportunity and obligation in Charlotte: to demolish, as no one else can, the mendacious claim that Obama is unraveling successful and popular Clinton policies, most notably the 1996 welfare reform legislation.

Read the rest of Kilgore’s post right here.

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