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Ryan’s ‘Regular Guy’ Kabuki Invites Ridicule

Laura Clawson has a barbed riff on Paul Ryan’s ‘voice of the common man’ pretensions up at Alternet. Here’s a taste:

Only with Mitt Romney as the presidential nominee could you have a ticket in which a guy who was elected to Congress at 28 after working on the Hill for several years was tapped to play the role of the Everyman Who Understands You Commoners.

Clawson then quotes from a recent Ryan speech in which he gibbers on about his “flippin’ burgers at McDonald’s” and “…standing in front of that big Hobart machine washing dishes or waiting tables,” and then waxes all Ayn Randy about “I’m the American dream on a path and journey so that I can find happiness however I can find it myself,” whatever that means.
To which Clawson adds,

That is some optimistic, forward-looking, Grade-A American Dream bullshit right there. Because again, Paul Ryan’s stints at service work came between high school and the year or two immediately out of college, and in that year or two immediately out of college, he was already working on the Hill…But one thing he definitely didn’t learn from low-wage work was what it’s like to face a lifetime of low-wage work, what it’s like to try to build a life and support a family while working at McDonald’s. Ryan was already trying his damnedest to injure the people living those lives by raising their taxes and shredding the safety net. Now he’s adding insult to that injury, insulting his audiences and the people struggling to get by–to pay all their bills and raise their kids, with no marketing job or House seat on the horizon–by pretending he knows any of that.

Ryan is apparently clueless that his ‘regular guy’ proclamations invite ridicule, though soon to be overshadowed by Romney’s reported image makeover for the Tampa convention.

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