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Bowers: Ask Safe Dem Candidates to Share $ with Dems in Close Races

The following post comes from an e-blast from Chris Bowers of Daily Kos:
…Join with Daily Kos and Democracy for America by signing our petition telling the House Democrats in ultra-safe districts who have stockpiled more than $63 million to start sending some of that money to progressive Democrats in swing districts. Please, click here to sign the petition.
Democrats have a good chance to retake the House of Representatives, with eight polls in the last month showing them either ahead or tied. Still, the current Democratic lead is tenuous because negative ads from Republican Super PACs will only increase as the election approaches.
Fortunately, there is a way to counter this coming onslaught of corporate cash. There are nearly 100 House Democrats in very safe districts who collectively have more than $63 million in their campaign bank accounts. If these Democrats started sending some of that money to campaigns in swing districts, they would provide the financial support needed to send John Boehner and the tea party packing.
We know pushing these Democrats can work, because we’ve done it before. Back in 2006, our grassroots pressure resulted in ultra-safe Democrats sending millions of dollars to battleground districts, thus playing an important role in Democrats retaking the House that year.
We can do it again in 2012, but we need to start now. Please, click here to tell ultra-safe House Democrats to stop hoarding cash and step up their support for progressive Democrats in swing districts.
Keep fighting,
Chris Bowers
Campaign Director, Daily Kos

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