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A Working America Message from the field: “After the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the Affordable Care Act, we wanted to know how our members–who consistently rank health care as one of their top issues- were responding.”

Note: Working America, the AFL-CIO’s community organizing affiliate with over 3 million members, is the largest and most active progressive organizing initiative operating today in white working class and lower middle class communities. Working America does extensive door to door canvassing and organizing, collecting unique data on the evolving attitudes of moderate and persuadable “Average American” voters. TDS will periodically share their “Messages From The Field” which provide unique insight into this key voting group.

• In a phone survey of Working America members taken right after the decision, we found that 44% agreed with the decision, with 12% saying they disagreed and 25% saying they weren’t sure. When asked what their biggest concern was in finding health coverage, 42% cited cost–by far the biggest issue.
• In an online survey, provisions of the ACA drew strong support, with more than 80% saying they liked the provisions preventing people from getting dropped if they’re sick or discriminated against for a pre-existing condition. The issue of cost is paramount: more than 80% said they’d look at cost as an important factor in choosing a plan.

The takeaway? There are still a lot of people who are undecided and don’t know much about ACA. Once they get a clear explanation of what the law is, they are much more receptive.
Karen Nussbaum, Executive Director
Working America

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