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TDS Co-Editor Ruy Teixeira: Public Wants Outsourcing Stopped

In his latest ‘Public Opinion Snapshot,’ TDS Co-Editor Ruy Teixeira has some very bad news for outsourcing pioneer Mitt Romney and his fellow Republicans who have been so blase about it. “The public is very, very concerned about outsourcing and wants action to mitigate the damage from the practice,” notes Teixeira, explaining:

Let’s start with how heavily the public believes outsourcing contributes to our ongoing economic problems. In a September 2010 NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, 86 percent agreed (including 68 percent who strongly agreed) that U.S. companies outsourcing work to foreign countries is one of the reasons for our struggling economy and unemployment. This was ranked the highest of eight reasons tested in the survey.
Similarly, in a December 2010 Allstate/National Journal survey, 67 percent thought outsourcing played a major role in high unemployment, compared to just 28 percent who thought it played a minor role and 4 percent who thought it played no role at all.

And Americans believe somethjing can — and should — be done about it, continues Teixeira:

Not surprisingly, the public wants something done about this problem. In the August 2010 edition of the same survey, 70 percent thought it was either extremely (39 percent) or very (31 percent) important to reduce the number of jobs being outsourced in order to help the U.S. economy recover from the recession.
Even more impressive, in the March 2011 Pew Mobility survey, “Keep jobs in America” was ranked first out of 16 possible steps government could take to make sure people don’t fall behind economically. Ninety percent deemed it either one of the most effective steps (59 percent) or a very effective step (31 percent) the government could take.

If the Republicans thought that Romney’s profiteering from outsourcing was not going to be much of an issue, they are in denial. As Teixeira concludes, “These data suggest conservatives’ attempts to portray outsourcing as no big deal and nothing to worry about are doomed to fail. The public is in no mood for happy talk on this one.”

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