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Kilgore: Arise, Ye Citizens of the Tea Party

It’s a revealing commentary on our times that the better political analysts increasingly require a heaping ladle of irony to adequately describe the base shenanigans of the once-sane Republican Party. TDS Managing Editor Ed Kilgore provides a Colbert-esque example in his post “The Betrayal Begins” at the Washington Monthly. As Kilgore writes,

…Yes, patriots, it’s started again. The shadowy forces that have brought America to its knees, in chains of Big Government, ready for the yoke of Secular-Sharia law, its men emasculated by feminists and the Nanny State, its God-dictated Constitution in tatters, are on the brink of stealing another election, just as it appeared you were taking your country back from the Kenyan Muslim Athiest who has befouled the White House for far too long.
And as in 2008, the America-hating elites are operating through a Manchurian candidate, or rather two of them: Barack Hussein Obama, to be sure, but also his opponent.
The plot was revealed when the Trojan Horse of the U.S. Supreme Court, John Roberts, stabbed the brave conservatives of the Court in the back, but was forced to reveal the obvious truth that the unconstitutional ObamaCare law was a monstrous tax on God-fearing American job-creators for the benefit of the looters who feed at the public trough yet pay no taxes themselves. Just as battle-cries erupted from the throats of a million warriors for freedom, however, their purported champion, Mitt Romney, showed his cowardly hand and bent his knee to the enemy.

Kilgore then quotes National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar’s post arguing that Romney has embraced a strategy of dodging all issues except the economic recovery and also Joel Pollak of Breitbart.com, who says “This ain’t Etch-A-Sketch, Mitt. Go hard or go home.”
In like spirit, Kilgore concludes with a rousing call to arms, a la Colbert:

…On this eve of the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, the document that established this Republic as a divine mission for the protection of property rights and of the unborn from the moment of conception, begin to prepare to march on Tampa and take back the Republican Party!…Victory is yours for the taking!

To the barracades wingnuts! Show them, once and for all, just who really runs the show in the GOP.

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