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TDS Co-Editor Ruy Teixeira: Public Opposes Repeal, Cuts in Obamacare

If the Supreme Court majority guts the Affordable Care Act this month, it will be ruling against the will of the American people, as indicated by a recent opinion poll. According to TDS Co-Editor Ruy Teixeira’s latest ‘Public Opinion Snapshot,’

The latest Kaiser Health Tracking poll confirms that the public is not interested in repealing the Affordable Care Act, whatever its misgivings about the law. In fact, a plurality (47 percent) say they want to either see the law expanded (27 percent) or kept as is (20 percent), compared to 39 percent who want the law either repealed and replaced with a Republican alternative (18 percent) or repealed altogether (21 percent).

Nor is the public much interested in cutting funding for the Act, as Teixeira, notes:

And the public is strongly opposed to conservatives’ pet idea of cutting off funding for implementing the law if they are not successful in repealing it. Just 32 percent of those polled support such a move versus 58 percent who are opposed.

If the High Court’s forthcoming ruling has any regard for the overwhelming support of the public for keeping the law and strengthening it, the ACA will remain in force.

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