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Political Strategy for a Permanent Democratic Majority

Progressives and Democrats cannot possibly match the vast financial resources of business and the wealthy and must turn to building powerful, long-term grass-roots organizations. That makes “Working America” the most important political project in America

A message from Ed Kilgore:
Dear Readers:
The Democratic coalition is currently engaged in an intense and urgent debate about vastly expanding the scope and role of grass-roots organizing. From Democratic financial contributors to political campaign managers and strategists, the issue has now attained critical importance in the new post-Citizen’s United age.
The Democratic Strategist is proud to present the first in-depth look at one of the most important organizations in this field — Working America, the three million member community affiliate of the AFL-CIO. Although little known and less understood, Working America is actually a critical player and extraordinary social “laboratory” for progressive grass-roots organizing in white working class America.
Every participant in the current debate should become familiar with how WA works and what it has been able to achieve.
To read the memo, click here.

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