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Ante Upped in Super-PAC Poker

At The Washington Monthly’s ‘Political Animal’ blog, Ed Kilgore has a post up addressing the Democratic response to Karl Rove’s forthcoming $25 million ad buy, and it’s not encouraging for Dems:

…The people behind the three biggest pro-Democratic Super-PACs (the Senate-focused Majority PAC, the House Majority PAC, and the presidentially-oriented Priorities USA Action) are planning a gigantic, coordinated blowout fundraising effort at the Democratic National Convention. In a collective lapse of imagination, they are calling it “Super-O-Rama.”
Gotta say, folks, this news bears the aroma of desperation, or at least procrastination. Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS has just committed to buying $25 million in ads during the next month, matching the Obama campaign’s ad blitz. Not to be intimidated, Democratic Super-PACs are talking about raising some serious jack in September. In case it’s slipped anyone’s mind, the election is in November, and I suspect an awful lot of ad time will be off the table by September.

Kilgore acknowledges “the logic of using the convention for a fundraising blitz,” with its “unique concentration of political and non-political celebrity talent…” But he warns, “…The Super-PACs will be competing for the attention of big money people with an awful lot of other events…The very features of a convention that make it an ideal place for money and star-power to come together also make it a logistical nightmare.”
On the upside, Kilgore adds that “…It’s good the money-hustlers have some idea of how they will get within shouting distance of conservative money this year,” and they will have an edge with an incumbent president, a smaller, but well-heeled donor base and better ground game resources.
Nonetheless, Kilgore concludes, “it would be helpful to ensure that Democratic Super-PACs aren’t in a position of “competing” with Rove and company by dominating the critical 2:00-3:00 a.m. time slot.” It’s a high stakes poker game, and it sounds like Dems could use a better hand.

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