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Romney Tanking in Battleground States

Kos has an interesting analysis of the latest polling from Talking Points Memo’s aggregate data and finds Romney ahead in only 3 (AZ, IA and MO) of 14 ‘battleground’ states, and in one of those (IA) his lead looks awfully close to m.o.e. territory.
Even better, Kos notes, “…the aggregates would look even worse for the GOP if I omitted Rasmussen’s bogus results. Omit the GOP’s favorite pollster, and Arizona is suddenly a 2.5-point Romney lead. Missouri is a 45-45 tie.” He adds “…The end result is still a 341-197 landslide…And with Romney losing Latinos and women by landslide numbers, any effort to turn this slide and claw back some of these states will be particularly difficult–and he still has to hold on to those few states in which he currently leads.”
As for the GOP’s gas prices boogieman, Kos says “So what do Republicans have to say about all this? Gas prices! Gas prices! Gas prices!…Last time I checked, gas prices were high now. It ain’t doing Romney a lick of good.”

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