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Obama Beats Romney In Tuesday Primaries

John Nichols makes a good point in his post “Who Got the Most Votes in Tuesday’s Primaries? Not Mitt Romney” in The Nation:

…Romney’s actual vote in the super-low turnout District of Columbia GOP primary was just 3,122.
It wasn’t all that much better in Maryland, where, with all the votes counted, Romney was well below the 120,000 vote mark.
And in Wisconsin, with 97 percent counted, Romney was only at 305,000.

As for Obama’s totals on Tuesday:

In the District of Columbia, the president’s Democratic primary total was at 51,289–more than fifteen times Romney’s Republican primary total.
In Maryland, where Romney was struggling to get to the 117,000 mark in the GOP primary, Obama was surpassing 275,000 in the Democratic primary. That way better than a 2-1 margin for the president.
And in Wisconsin, which got the lion’s share of attention on this primary day, Romney’s 305,000 GOP total (with 97 percent of precincts reporting) was barely better than Obama’s 285,000 total on the Democratic side.
Add Obama’s votes up across the three jurisdictions that voted Tuesday and he’s almost 200,000 votes ahead of Romney.

Yes, we know. Obama was unopposed. But think of all the Dems who didn’t bother to vote, since there was no contest. As Nichols, concludes, “The numbers provide a sobering reminder for the Republicans. Turnout, even for their intensely fought contests, remains low. And in most cases, Romney still does not win a majority of the votes.”

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